The Waxed Nylon Floss

Thorough Cleaning and Easy Handling

A whole new level of amazing

The Fresh Total-Clean Sensation

1. The high-quality polymer thread in our floss allows for an easy and satisfying handling, as well as a smooth glide between the tight interdental spaces.
2. The twist design ensures easy and fun extraction of the floss and the semi-transparent back enables you to see the remaining amount at all times.


The How to

1) Take about 20 inches (50 cm) of floss and wind 12 to 15 inches around one middle finger. Wind the rest around the middle finger of other hand.
2) Use the thumbs and forefingers to guide an inch (2.54 cm) of floss between the teeth.
3) Carefully tease the floss back and forth to guide it gently between your teeth, curve the floss around the tooth at the gum line .
4) Hold the floss tightly against the tooth and gently rub the side of your tooth with the floss, using a downward motion.
5) Remember to floss the back side of the last tooth as well.